Tips from a successful self-employed consultant

One thing we rarely touch on is marketing tech. The software we use or we advise clients to subscribe to in order to increase sales and manage Amazon operations.

Needless to say there are many different types of SAAS products on the market from many different vendors. They range from bespoke tools for private label sellers to enterprise solutions for major brands.

Pleasingly, we're seeing continuous improvement from the tools we use and ones we are constantly reviewing.

The burgeoning nature of the sector and Amazon's somewhat haphazard approach to API management means that choosing, and more importantly sticking with, providers can be a hard process to navigate.

I found this incredibly useful mapping of the tech market on Linkedin. Apologies for the lack of source reference but the vagaries of Linkedin's feed updates meant I lost who posted it.

Anyway, the map shows the main players in a wide range of areas including product sourcing, keyword research, advertising, repricing and inventory forecasting.

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